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A homeowner planning an extension to his property contacted Unique with a specific goal in mind: to utilise the available roof space for solar PV panels. The objective was to reduce increasing electricity costs and explore sustainable energy options to maximise household savings.

Client's Decision to Choose Unique

Having previously engaged Unique for installing a home security system, the client was impressed with the company’s flexibility, knowledge, and reliability in providing the best recommendations. This positive experience led the homeowner to choose Unique once again for the solar PV panel installation project.

Design and Preparation

Upon receiving the design from the architects, Unique collaborated closely with the client to showcase the potential outcomes of the solar PV installation. Using 3D modelling and estimated electrical generation data, the team presented a clear picture of the expected household savings and return on investment. Additionally, a thorough site survey was conducted to ensure a smooth installation process.

Mid Solar Project
Finished Solar Project

Smooth and Professional Installation

Working in coordination with the client and contractors at the property, Unique executed the solar PV panel installation with efficiency and professionalism. The installation process was carefully planned to minimise disruption to the ongoing building project, resulting in a swift and seamless integration of the solar panels. This smooth execution enabled Unique to offer a competitive quote for the client.

Achieving the Desired Results

Upon the completion of the solar PV panel installation, the client successfully achieved their goal of reducing electrical consumption from their energy supplier. The solar panels not only helped reduce energy bills but also blended seamlessly with the aesthetics of the home, preserving its visual appeal.

Adding Battery Storage System

Impressed with the successful solar installation, the client decided to further enhance their energy independence by investing in a Battery Storage system. This system allows the client to store the energy generated by the solar panels, enabling them to use it when needed, even during non-sunlight hours. This additional feature ensures optimal utilisation of renewable energy and maximises cost savings.

Project Conclusion

Unique’s expertise and dedication to providing tailored solutions resulted in a successful solar PV panel installation for the homeowner’s extension project. By incorporating the latest technology and working collaboratively with the client, Unique achieved the desired reduction in electricity consumption without compromising the property’s appearance. The subsequent addition of a Battery Storage system further exemplifies the commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The project’s success reinforces Unique’s reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for all energy and security-related needs.

Solar Project Sky View