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AI Security Cameras

Fire & Security

We are all familiar with upgrading our smartphones, due to new innovations and technology. So why not our security systems?

With AI security cameras being smarter than they ever have, you can stay on top of all your security threats before they even become an issue. All made possible by utilising real-time alerts and anomaly detection, which can be accessed via the web or via mobile apps anywhere in the world. No special VPNs, downloads, or plugins are required to share live or recorded video securely with the authorities.

AI cameras provide owners with the ability to search for specific objects and events, or by image, finish forensic investigations within minutes. Using the playback timeline will let you find evidence with ease. All in high-quality video surveillance.

Capturing footage isn’t the only smart feature built into the AI cameras that we install. A range of the models we use contain acoustic sensors, giving 360-degree audio coverage. The cameras can identify specific sound patterns and determine the type of sound and from which direction. Providing security operators with a complete overview of the surroundings.