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Environment & Sustainability

Ensuring our business is both sustainable and making a continual positive change to our environmental impact is an important goal to us at the Unique Group. We take pride in what we do and keep ourselves accountable for our results to date and on the next steps to improve.

Operational changes have been implemented, to ensure that we operate as a more environmentally sustainable business. These changes allow us to be operate more sustainable:

In September 2020, we invested in a large solar panel installation to help power our headquarters, which is estimated to have saved 1275 tonnes of Co2 so far in 2021. The solar panels have produced 24.9 tonnes megawatts of electricity and saved the equivalent of 337 trees being cut down. 

To date, we now have 2 fully electric company vehicles, with plans to swap out our fleet of vans for electric ones as the technology becomes feasible to meet client requirements. This would reduce our carbon emissions massively. 

Throughout 2020, we also introduced a paperless job management system, so no paper is used on any job. All our operational checks and worksheets are now carried out electronically. Secondly with greater visibility across the business we have been able to plan routes more efficiently reducing mileage and return visits.

Not only does this reduce our environmental impact but delivers better customer service and an improved first time fix rate.