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Going the Extra Mile: Jordan and Callum's Charity Run for MYTIME Young Carers

Jordan Williams, Head of Installations and Projects, and Callum McColl, Key Account Manager, of Unique Fire and Security recently accomplished a formidable challenge, along side MYTIME Young Carers and the team at E-Motion Fitness. Inspired by the legendary endurance athlete, David Goggins, on Friday the 28th of June, Jordan and Callum committed to running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours, a gruelling challenge that tested their physical and mental endurance. The challenge was specifically chosen to put themselves in the position of young carers who tirelessly and selflessly work with little to no breaks, to care for their loved ones.

Over £1,000 Raised

Despite the tough conditions, including running through the night, both Jordan and Callum exceeded expectations. By the end of the challenge, they not only completed the required miles but also went the extra distance, finishing with a total of 50 miles over the weekend. Their dedication and determination were met with success as they raised over £1,000 for MYTIME Young Carers.

In a joint statement, Jordan and Callum expressed their gratitude and motivation for the challenge. “We are incredibly proud to have completed this challenge for such a worthy cause,” said Jordan.

Callum added, “Knowing that our efforts will make a real difference in the lives of young carers provided us with all the motivation we needed.”

About MYTIME Young Carers

MYTIME Young Carers is a charity dedicated to supporting young people who provide care for family members with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental health issues, or other challenging conditions. The organisation offers a range of services aimed at improving the lives of these young carers, including breaks, educational support, and social activities. Their mission is to ensure that young carers have the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods and pursue their aspirations without being overburdened by their caregiving responsibilities.

Unique Group’s Commitment to Community

The Unique Group is proud to have employees like Jordan and Callum who embody the company’s commitment to community involvement. Their fundraising effort is a testament to the positive impact that individuals and organisations can have when they come together for a common cause. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting MYTIME Young Carers in their invaluable work, providing much-needed relief and opportunities for young carers.

As the Unique Group continues to support our charity partners, we look forward to more initiatives that inspire and make a difference in the community. Jordan and Callum’s achievement serves as an inspiring example of dedication, teamwork, and the power of giving back.

The funds raised on the day will not only provide relief but will also serve as a fund for sustained support, ensuring that young carers have continuous access to the resources and assistance necessary for their well-being and development.