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Linn products look as good as they sound, and they’re beautiful on the inside too.

Every single system is built by hand in their Glasgow factory and bears the name of the person who made it. It’s built with precision and pride, designed for the future and engineered to extraordinarily tight tolerances.

No two homes are the same. So we offer three paths to better sound. Each works seamlessly with one another and with other technologies. And with Linn, you have complete flexibility to upgrade and expand into other rooms in the future.

Linn products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home, no matter how you use the space thanks to over four decades of innovation, engineering and craftsmanship.

Choose the system that works best for you in each space and enjoy unrivalled Linn quality throughout. All Linn systems work together seamlessly and can be fully integrated and controlled as part of a wider Smart Home automation system, such as Control4, as well as the Linn App, on a device you already own.