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Safe Installation


Keeping your valuables safe is important to us at Unique. The risk of losing important valuables or documents may cause insurance claims or proof of ownership to become very difficult. Having a strong and secure safe installed can prevent any risk of damage or loss of personal belongings. We can supply burglary, fire, and explosive-resistant safes.

Choose between a large variety of safe storage solutions to select the best option to suit your home or situation. Whether it is for home or business use, all our safes are AiS approved and independently tested. Only providing the highest quality.


The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) is an independent body that determines a safes suitability based on its standards of protection, and the amount that the safe can be insured for. The Association of Insurance Surveyors is one of the UK’s leading accreditation bodies, for the approval of products for the insurance industry. Perfect if you’re looking to have your safe insured.


We provide a number of different lock types, meaning you can choose one which best suits you and your needs. Lock types we can provide are key lock, keypad, fingerprint, dial combination, and dual locks. Each lock we provide in our range has been tested to ensure that it is certified to European standards. We only provide the most secure locks, with the latest technology and materials.


Every security safe is given an insurance rating. This rating determines the level of security and the maximum amount of cash that an insurance company will cover if left in the safe overnight. The higher the rating, the more secure the safe is.

Factors that can affect the rating are, resistance moving the safe, thickness, lock/unlock mechanism, build quality and how the safe is fitted.

If you want to keep jewellery or valuables in the safe, instead of cash, you can store up to 10x the insurance rating. An insurance rating of £4,000 cash is equivalent to £40,000 worth of valuables. The recommended insurance rating is 30% higher than what you have to store.

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