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Using Technology to Reduce Energy Bills

Smart Home Automation

With the cost of living prices rising, a home featuring premium automation means more comfort, convenience and control over your spending. 

At the Unique Group, we can offer a range of different products and services to help you stay on top this coming winter; allowing you to have full control of your climate thermostat, lighting and compatible home equipment.

All of the products we install, work hand in hand and can be fully automated to make your home as sustainable as it can be. Simple automation such as lights switching off when they aren’t being used, outside lighting running on a schedule or motion detection and setting up a smart thermostat routine for when you are away, are just some of the steps we can do to save you hundreds this coming winter.

Smart Thermostat

Have you considered upgrading your thermostat to one of the many smart solutions on the market now? A smart thermostat has many features to reduce energy usage and keep you informed about when it’s being used.

  • Holiday mode – to Reduce usage while you are away from the building. While keeping the house warm enough to avoid issues such as frozen pipes.

  • Advanced routines. Rather than a simple timer you can easily programme the thermostat to meet your exact needs easily from your phone. It even can learn how long it takes to heat the house.

  • Combined with smart TRV’s you can ensure the house is only being heated where it’s needed.

Smart LED Lighting

Swapping out all of your old traditional lightbulbs for smart LED can be an effective method of knocking money off your energy bill. Swapping out your lightbulbs can have many benefits.

  • Cheaper to run. Compared to regular bulbs, they are more energy efficient reducing your monthly running cost.
  • A longer lifespan. They have a 25x longer lifespan, saving money from replacing them.
  • Automation capabilities. Smart bulbs can be automated to use power more efficiently. Features such as lighting switching off when they aren’t being used can save money on your monthly bill.
  • No Heat or UV emissions. Due to LEDs using a semiconductor to generate light, most of the energy produced is used to go towards this and not heat.
  • Dimming capabilities. The ability to dim your lights means you can adjust the brightness of your lights, also altering the energy used.

Control4 Home Automation

Control4 homeowners enjoy personalised smart living experiences perfect for any home—no matter the size or budget, new construction or decades old. Interested in learning more about Control4 Smart Homes or Chime? Simply fill out this form.

  • Full control over all smart home equipment. (Lights, Blind, Thermostat).
  • Complete control over audio and visual solutions. 
  • Access and control your home’s security system.
  • No Heat or UV emissions. Due to LEDs using a semiconductor to generate light, most of the energy produced is used to go towards this and not heat.

Some more services we can offer to help reduce your energy bills are :

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds can be automated to save money on your energy bills throughout all seasons. The blinds can be automated to open when the sun is detected, helping warm your home in winter, or to shut, keeping your home cool in the summer. You completely control your blinds, fully customising the automation in a way that suits your home, saving you money on your energy bills.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels don’t just save you money on your energy bills, but can also earn you some extra cash! With energy prices increasing rapidly, producing your own electricity has never created a bigger saving than it does now. On top of cutting your electricity bills, in 2020 the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme was launched, which sees solar panel owners being paid for the energy that they generate but done use.  

With many government schemes available, there is no better time to go energy independent and invest in solar panel installation.

Smart Outside Lighting

Not only does smart outside lighting improve your security in the winter months, but they are also a smart way to cut down on your energy bills. Installing motion detection LED lights outside your home will lower your energy bills by only switching on when motion is detected. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems. While the compressor and pumps need electricity to work, the amount of heat they produce is more than the amount of electricity they use.

Furthermore, heat pumps are capable of lasting 20 – 25 years.  Standard boilers have a life expectancy of around 10 years, so you may go through 2 boilers in the same time as one heat pump’s lifetime. Naturally, having your boiler replaced more often comes with added fees.

Battery Storage

Installing a battery storage solution can lower your energy costs significantly. By using the energy you produce to charge your solar battery during off-peak hours and discharging it during peak hours, you can avoid paying a lot for electricity from your utility company. The savings you earn from this can serve towards reducing your battery system costs.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs turn most electronic gadgets into more energy-efficient products. Our homes contain lots of technology that we forget to turn off, such as TVs, lamps, fans and speakers. These devices continue to consume electricity without us realising it. Installing smart plugs around your home turns them into energy-saving products that you can control from anywhere.

The “Energy Savings Trust” has said that the average household spends £50-£86 every year on electricity for devices that aren’t used or in standby mode. Smart plugs help keep that money in your pocket!

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

By installing smart radiator valves, also known as TRVs, you can heat rooms individually, giving you more control. They allow you to manage the heating in a room you don’t use very often.

The greatest savings come from when you buy one for every radiator in your home. This gives you room-by-room control straight from your smartphone and makes it easy and convenient to make sure you’re only heating the parts of your home that you’re using.