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Unique Group Expands Presence in South-West England with Acquisition of ASG

The Unique Group, renowned for its comprehensive fire safety, security, and technology solutions, proudly announces the acquisition of ASG, a well known player in the fire and security industry serving the Cornwall and Devon regions. This strategic move continues with the Unique Group’s commitment to expanding its reach and delivering exceptional service to clients in the South-West.

A Legacy of Trust and Expertise

ASG, under the ownership of Martin Singleton, has been a trusted name in the fire and security sector, actively contributing to the safety and security of properties in Cornwall and Devon. Martin’s dedication and deep industry knowledge have positioned ASG as a leader in the region, earning the respect of clients and peers alike.

Smooth Transition, Shared Values

Martin Singleton’s decision to transition ASG to the Unique Group stems from his desire to ensure the continuity of the business while stepping back from day-to-day operations. Martin was impressed by Unique Group’s commitment to excellence and its shared values, particularly its focus on customer satisfaction. Entrusting ASG to Unique Group ensures that the brand’s reputation continues under capable leadership.

Strategic Advantages and Growth Opportunities

For the Unique Group, the acquisition of ASG represents a strategic opportunity to expand its presence in the Cornwall region and continue serving ASG’s established client base. ASG’s strong engineering team and expertise in fire and security solutions align seamlessly with the Unique Group’s existing offerings, enabling both entities to enhance their service capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions to clients.

A Word from Craig Moore, Commercial Director of the Unique Group

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of ASG Security as part of our strategic expansion plans in the South-West region. This acquisition backs our commitment to providing exceptional fire and security solutions to our clients. We are excited to welcome ASG Security’s valued customers into the Unique family and look forward to delivering the same high standards of service they have come to expect.”

Continued Service and Expansion

Under the Unique Group’s ownership, ASG will continue to serve its customers with the same dedication and professionalism that it is known for. The acquisition provides ASG with the resources and support needed to expand its service offerings and grow its presence in the region. With a focus on delivering value and exceeding customer expectations, ASG aims to further strengthen its position as a trusted partner in fire and security solutions.

Commitment to Continuity and Support

As part of the acquisition, all ASG engineers will be retained, ensuring continuity and stability for clients. Additionally, Martin Singleton will remain involved in a consultative capacity, providing valuable insights and support during the transition period. This ensures a seamless integration of ASG into the Unique Group family and underscores the commitment to maintaining high standards of service excellence.