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Unique Group’s Charity Golf Day Raises £13,000 for MYTIME Young Carers

A Day of Highlights

This year’s event was particularly special, with former Premier League star Kevin Davies joining in the fun alongside other enthusiastic golfers. Together, The Unique Group and MYTIME Young Carers raised an impressive £13,000 in support of Young Carers’ invaluable work.

Images from the day can be found here!

The Unique Group are thrilled to share the success of their recent Charity Golf Day, held in partnership with MYTIME Young Carers. On June 4th, at the stunning Remedy Oak Golf Club, 84 participants from 21 teams came together for a day filled with competition, and giving back.

Memorable Moments

The day was marked by memorable moments, including Josh Williams of Bizpedia achieving a remarkable hole-in-one and generously treating everyone to a celebratory drink. Adding to the excitement, the “Beat the Amateur” competition, led by Dan Morris and Daniel Johnson from MYTIME Young Carers, not only brought an extra element of fun but also raised unexpected additional funds.

Celebrating Champions

While the joint Unique and MYTIME team secured a respectable third place, it was Dan and Dave Griggs’ team from The Funky Peach who claimed the top spot, showcasing both skill and sportsmanship.

Supporting MYTIME Young Carers

MYTIME Young Carers are official charity partners of The Unique Group. They dedicate themselves to offering vital support and opportunities to young carers within the community. Their commitment ensures that these amazing individuals receive the assistance and encouragement they deserve, creating an environment where they can relax, and receive personal growth and a sense of belonging.

The funds raised on the day will not only provide relief but will also serve as a fund for sustained support, ensuring that young carers have continuous access to the resources and assistance necessary for their well-being and development.

Looking Ahead

Bradley Williams, Managing Director of the Unique Group, expressed his gratitude for the support and generosity displayed throughout the day. Looking ahead, he shared his anticipation for next year’s event on June 17th, 2025, promising an even better experience for all involved.

“The atmosphere throughout the day was incredible. The support and generosity of everyone involved are truly heartwarming. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event on June 17th, 2025, which we aim to make even better.”

Save The Date

Save the date and join The Unique Group and MYTIME Young Carers for another unforgettable day of golf and charitable giving. To sign up for next year’s event on Tuesday 17th June 2025, or learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in the form below or contact us directly at marketing@uniquegroup.org.uk.