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We Support Deaf Awareness

Hearing loss effect 5% of the population, which increases to 42% in over 50’s. That is why at The Unique Group, we are partnering up with We Support Deaf Awareness to help promote deaf awareness across all of society. We want to make an impact so that deaf and hard of hearing individuals don’t continue to be isolated due to the misunderstanding of this hidden disability.

We Support Deaf Awareness want to provide training on statistics, signs, how to support and what deafness actually is.

Who are We Support Deaf Awareness?

 We Support Deaf Awareness are a charity organisation, who’s main mission is to raise awareness and spread education of deafness. Started up in the 2020 COVID Lockdown, by an individual with considerable hearing loss, they expressed their struggles on LinkedIn which became clear to them that many people didn’t realise, nor understood what they should do to support. This sparked the idea to start We Support Deaf Awareness and provide training to organisations across the UK, which so far has provided for 69,000 employees.

What are we doing to help?

 At Unique, we are providing all our staff with an online training course where they will be educated on all aspects of Deafness. This training course will help implement measures to support any potential staff or clients who may be hard of hearing. All the training is provided by We Support Deaf Awareness who we are continuing to support with donations and the purchase of media kits.

Why Deaf Awareness?

We decided to work with We Support Deaf Awareness as we felt it would make a massive positive impact on our business, and how we approach and work with clients. We feel that it is an issue that is massively overlooked, even though huge percentages of individuals are affected by it.