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How does total control from one remote sound?

Whether you’re Samsung or Sony, Sky or Virgin, Spotify or Sonos – we can program all the different multimedia in your living room to be controllable from one remote (and your smart device). You’ll never be searching again for different remotes to switch from Planet Earth II to Home Alone on DVD, or Stranger Things to the Sonos Soundbar.

“We come in and program the multimedia in your living room into one home screen so there’s no more faffing with 3 or 4 different remote controls” Paul Barnett – Technical Director

To practice what we preach, as Smart Home Technicians, we’ve made it our mission to make smart home automation available to more homes across Dorset. Where before it’s been a luxury, now thanks to our partnership with Control4 we’re proud to be installing one of the best home automation systems for just £495 + VAT.

Smart Home Entertainment Package includes:

  • The Control4 EA-1 Home Entertainment
  • Control Unit (RRP £440)
  • The Control4 SR-260 Remote Control +
  • Smartphone App (iPhone & Android)
  • Complete installation by one of our
  • Unique Smart Home Technicians
  • All your current multimedia programmed into the Control4 System
  • Remote Technical Support if any system assistance is needed

Control4 are in a league of their own when it comes to home automation and this system is the perfect chance to start your smart home journey. The EA-1 System is upgradeable to control the lighting, heating, home security and the multimedia in different rooms too. Our Smart Home Technicians program the system to sync effortlessly with all your home entertainment, with guaranteed support for third-party integrations.

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